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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


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Y’all ready for this?

The Fault in Our Stars was my first book love. Every part of me adored every part of this book in 2012-2015. Now, on reflection, this book isn’t all I built it up in my head to be, but it still is amazing.

Character-wise, John Green killed it (no pun intended…sorry…I’m going to hell for that one I know). Let’s start with Hazel Grace. Reading this as a 12-year old, I related to Hazel more than any other book character ever, minus the life-threatening illness. Hazel was depressed, but never upset about being depressed; she just accepted it as truth and made the best of it. As someone who struggles with depression myself, every word said was accurate to my life in the sense of being just a side-effect and not particularly wanting to die but not actively wanting to live. This was the first time I felt truly seen. Hazel was the most accurate to my life book character I have ever encountered and for that, I am truly grateful to John Green. Agustus Waters was the heartthrob of every girl’s dreams. With his aura filled with mystery and his major dork personality, it is hard to not fall in love with this one-legged stud. He taught me how a love should look, how I should be treated, the patience required, the unconditional selflessness of putting your girl first. Everything about Agustus was poetic and beautiful. What a super stud. Isaac was the most underrated character in the novel. His friendship with Agustus was unparalleled. No one is better suited to be the one-eyed sidekick to the one-legged stud. Of course, he had his own complexities as well which make him so unique to a typical love story best friend. Peter Van Houten sucks ass, but he has his own depths, which I will write about in a later post, but it speaks volumes into his actions and behaviors.

Referring to the plot, it was the perfect pacing and a beautiful narrative. This novel depicted the sacrifices made for love, as well as the individual struggles of teenagers. This is not a novel with the “love will solve all your problems uwu” narrative. It made it so much more real.

Overall, TFIOS is iconic and all praise is well deserved.

5/5 stars.


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