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Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris

Day 5 and we already finished a book this year (practically in one day once I actually sat down to read).


The Magic Misfits follows the tale of Carter, a young boy living on the streets with his uncle with an affinity towards magic and illusions. Carter had a strong disdain towards his uncle who only used magic and sleight of hand to gain something from others– typically something they didn’t even know they were giving. This made Carter dislike magic and all that has to do with it, and ultimately, leads to him running away from his crook uncle. Carter ends up on a magical journey where he finds friends, a place to belong, and a passion for his craft. Throughout the novel, there is plenty of asides to the reader, including step by step magic handbooks, secret messages, and bits of information from NPH, which was adorable.

Essentially, this book was a cute friendship-based story. Since I don,t typically read middle-grade, I find myself having a hard time reviewing this. I don’t know what i do and don’t like! Some points, it seemed very immature but it’s middle-grade! I can’t judge it on the same scale I would for YA or adult! As a whole, I was intrigued and interested throughout.

I thoroughly enjoyed the side characters and the fact that Leila’s parents were gay. Mr. Vernon was a key part of the tale and the fact that NPH modelled the Vernon family in such a way with no build up, no angst, and no complications is very important to show how normal gay parents are. That’s it. There was no crazy build up or shame that Leila felt. When Carter looked confused she just said: “I have 2 dads.” That’s all. Carter then thought to himself how lucky she was because she had two and he didn’t even have one.

4 stars.

(Side note: I kept calling this “Magical Misfits” basically the entire time I was reading it and only noticed after I tweeted it with the picture above…. go me….)



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