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What If It’s Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

The king and queen of contemporary came together to write the epic love story we deserve…kind of.

I need to preface this by explaining how INTENSELY I was anticipating this book. I went on and on and on and on about how this was going to be the story that made me believe in love.

It kind of did? Kind of.

What If It’s Us follows a duel point of view of native New Yorker, Ben, and tourist, Arthur through their love story after having a meet-cute in a post office. Ben, just having broken up with his ex-boyfriend was doubtful of the universe having anything to do with the cute yet weird guy interrogating him in a post office. Arthur, never having had a relationship or anything of the sort, swears the universe sent him the adorable Puerto Rican boy into his life. Of course, when he didn’t even get the boy’s name before he left, Arthur had some doubts. That didn’t stop him from scowering New York in search of his epic love story.


The execution of the plot wasn’t half as adorable as the synopsis, unfortunately. Starting with the meet-cute, I was disappointed. Arthur essentially saw Ben and followed him into a post office, keeping conversation despite obviously interrupting him doing a difficult task (shipping his ex’s things back). I personally don’t think this counts as a “meet-cute.” It’s just meeting a person. The whole plot dragged majorly. I understand that they really took you on this journey of understanding the characters and their doubts, but it felt like a slow burn romance when in reality it was really rapid once they reconnected. It just took sooooo long to get there. So. So. Long.

The characters were super hit or miss for me.

Dylan: THE SAVING GRACE THERE IS NOTHING I DON’T LOVE ABOUT THIS MAN. He was funny, true to himself (aside from lying about the coffee he likes), a hopeful romantic which is refreshing, so secure in his masculinity that he overplayed his bromance with Ben as much as he overplayed his romance with Samantha. Genuine sweetheart. 11/10 would recommend.

Ben: AN ANGEL. My Peurto Rican king. He is so understanding and patient yet takes no shit. I’m sorry. Breaking up with Hudson because he kissed someone else when he thought they were broken up and admitting his heartbreak, but not going back to what hurt him? That is strength. He writes fiction and plays Sims and is just wow. I would die for this kid.

Arthur: I have never wanted to punch a character this badly (I may have said that in my We Are the Ants review but the point still stands). He is so irritating and whiny. Everything Ben does is wrong, and THAT JEALOUSY WILL GET HIM MORE HURT THAN ANYTHING ELSE. Personally, I don’t see why Ben likes him, but that may be a preference.

Writing style? Eh. It didn’t feel like Becky or Adam’s writing.

Length? OH MY GOD 400 PAGES? It could have been done in 300 easily. By page 250, I felt like it should have been wrapping up, but I was only a bit over halfway finished. That was irritating.

3.5-4 stars.



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