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why i hate february

February is without a doubt the shittiest month of the year. There I said it.

This year February hit particularly hard. I went back to school at the end of January which was rough, not only because I had to leave my family, friends, and animals again, but I also started to get back in contact with my ex-boyfriend. I know. I drank a lot of dumb-bitch juice in January. I know. But I’m working on it.

I got back to school, was working a lot of hours, got back into working out, tried to figure out a new routine w my 6 courses ( I only took 4 last semester), was attempting a social life, and waS TRYING TO READ FOR FUN (update: it isn’t going well). Also, my school has decided midterms were no longer for the middle of the term… they’re for the 1st quarter. What is that? Who came up with that rule?

Valentine’s day is yet another reason I dislike February, what a shock. Valentines has never been my favorite, but this year SUPER sucked because being kind of half in a relationship with your ex-boyfriend is a rough situation to be in.

This month I have also been really struggling with my depression, even when I wasn’t depressed. I had been doing so well and near every night this month I dreamt that I died. How fun is that???

Reading-wise, February was a bad one. So far (on the last day of the month), I have read a grand total of 1 physical book and 1 audiobook. That’s it. Neither of my two completed books are receiving a review either, as I don’t tend to review audiobooks or rereads. SO this month has been a disappointment.

I’m sorry, but I’m human, y’all.




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