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how i’m observing lent

For those of you who don’t know me, I grew up Christian. I am Christian still, however, I have updated my faith to suit me; in doing so, I incorporated astrology, energy, and whatever else makes sense to me. God is integral to my faith– I just believe He works with the universe and its power as opposed to being responsible for everything.

Wow, that was a heavy intro. Let’s veer away from the heavy stuff.


For those unaware, lent is a, primarily Catholic, practice where one gives up something they cherish from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday. As a Christian, my church observes it different. We have a 40 day fast from the day following Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday.

So, I’m going vegan for 40 days.

I have always wanted to go vegan and if I can for 40 days, that would be awesome.
I’ll have updates on here periodically, not that I think anyone cares, but because it will keep me more accountable.

ok. bye.



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