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reviewing is hard, okay?

Let’s talk about reviews.

If you’re a bookish content creator, you know that reviews are not the easiest to make. It takes a lot of time, effort, and preparation. If you aren’t, you have no idea. I had no idea until I started.

Before even writing the review, you need to make the choice whether or not you’ll review it. If you decide to review it, then the work begins. Of course, I can’t speak to all reviewers. In my experience, however, the notes are the harddest part.

Taking notes, tabbing, highlighting, annotating, etc. is a lot of work, but it also can pull you out of the story. You could be in the middle of a fantastic scene, and you pull out your phone to write down a quote or grab a pen to underline it (yes, I know I’m a heathen), and BOOM you lost your place. Now you have to reread the paragraph, and you aren’t half as immersed as you were.

I know this is a minor sacrifice, but it can heavily contribute to reading slumps. I have had loads of reading slumps caused by the need to review a certain book.

Then reviewing itself is a whole other task. Balancing what you did like and what you didn’t it is a tough task. You don’t want to absolutely obliterate a book, but you also don’t want to make it out to be better than it was. Sometimes, there isn’t really a way to do effectively review without doing both at the same time. I’m not sure how that makes sense, but if you know, you know. Sometimes, I have hated the entire plot, but loved the characters, so one part of the review makes the book out to be awful, but another part makes it sound fantastic.

The trick in balancing the good and bad is giving the, “if you like x ….this is not for you, but if you like y this is perfect for you!” kind of disclaimer. Of course, the goal of reviewing is to share your personal thoughts, but also to help others. Even when there are books you hate, there will always be someone who loves it, so if there is anything that you did enjoy about the book, it wouldn’t hurt to throw it in.

Anyways, my point is, if you see a book review, pleaseee interact with it! Share it, send it to your friends, like it, something. Book reviews aren’t the most popular vidoes or blog posts in terms of interaction, but they are also the ones that take the most time and effort.

Y’all are incredible, and I really appreciate all of the support ❤



Hey y'all. I'm ej, a 20 year old, book lover and occassional blogger.

One thought on “reviewing is hard, okay?

  1. I find reviewing books really difficult to be honest, and I don’t enjoy annotating mostly because I don’t want to be interrupted when I read because I’m soooo easily distracted !! I feel like writing mini reviews might be more for me though…


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