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dear martin (review)

Hi friends! 

Long time, no talk. Sorry about that. I’ve been working basically nonstop since the last day of March, so I’ve been having a rough time reading-wise. Hopefully, it’ll get better from here.

ANYWAYS today we are talking about Dear Martin by Nic Stone. WHAT A READ. 

CW: police brutality, violence, gun violence, racist slurs


Justyce is a good kid. He is set for the Ivy League and is at the top of his class, not that the cop who falsely accused him of committing a crime cares. He didn’t even get the opportunity to explain. Since that day, Justyce began to notice all the injustices he is faced with as a Black teenager. To handle it, he starts a project to write letters to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in hopes of learning to be more like him. When he and his best friend find themselves in a bad situation, Justyce has to learn to handle himself as a Black teen in America whose name is being dragged through the mud. 


Okay, so I can’t go too in depth about my feelings on this book since it’s only 208 pages, and we don’t do spoilers here. What I will say is that I could not put this book down. It was intensely character driven, while there was plot, the story did mainly focus on Justyce and his perception of the events that transpired. 

Getting Justyce’s point of view on the events of the novel and being able to see him realize all of the injustices he is faced with is such an important aspect of the story. Throughout the story, Justyce follows the various instances of police brutality in America, but when he is harassed by an officer, it becomes a personal struggle of his. He is able to pick up on instances of racism in his daily life that he would have otherwise ignored. 

Overall, this was an incredibly important and quick read that I highly highly reccomend.

5/5 stars! 

Thank y’all so much for reading and virtually hanging out with me!



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