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new year, new me.

Hey friends.

Long time, no talk, huh? It feels like it’s been ages.

I know the last time we talked I said I would be posting more and was just given an amazing opportunity with Literati– what can I say? Things were looking up. I truly thought I would be reading more and writing more and finding my place in the book community. Turns out, that wasn’t in the cards. And that’s okay.

Since joining the online book community, I have fallen in and out of love with reading so often that it’s been hard to keep up. I have always felt like I wasn’t reading enough, wasn’t posting enough, wasn’t interacting enough, wasn’t reading the right books, wasn’t on trend, wasn’t relevant. I was always three steps behind. It is so easy to fall into this trap of needing validation from others or those you look up to in a community to give you a gold star and tell you you’re doing things right.

This year I refuse to stay in that mindset. I have somehow made my most relaxing hobby the most stressful part of my day….and I’m a server….like…..that is saying something. This year I am reminding myself that this is a hobby at the end of the day, and I do it for my own enjoyment.

So, this year I am making some changes to the way I read and review.

  1. My Goodreads goal is entirely achievable. I made it 50 books,  so that would be roughly 1 book each week. For me, that is absolutely realistic. The goal here is to relieve the pressure I put on myself to read as much as possible rather than truly enjoy the books I do read.
  2. I am not rating everything I read. So far this year, I have only rated 1 or 2 books out of 5. This just allows me to place value on all books rather than halfway through mentally assigning a rating and having that influence my feelings. Now, I will rate it if I have an overwhelming feeling one way or the other, but if I have to contemplate- no rating.
  3. I will be posting Goodreads reviews in the form of tumblr shitposts. No further elaboration.
  4. If I feel inclined, I will review on here as in-depth as I please.
  5. I am not planning on any brand collaborations as they put a pressure to create content and read certain books. This is a no pressure year!
  6. My Bookstagram account (as well as my personal) will be casual. I will post what I want, when I want, and not worry about the likes or the interaction. I am also going to be hiding my like count, so I don’t allow myself to compare or worry.
  7. I loveeeeeee annotating books but as if I’m texting a friend. Like mindless comments and making jokes, referencing TikToks and Vines, talking shit, but in the margins of a  book. It makes the experience so much more interactive and fun, so that is for sure going to be incorporated into the year.
  8. No reading journal or spreadsheet! No tracking! No stats! This is a low pressure year! As much as I love stats, that isn’t going to be for me this year.

So hopefully y’all want to join me on this journey! I think it would be a really interesting experience, if nothing else.

Thanks y’all! Talk soon.

xoxo ej



Hey y'all. I'm ej, a 20 year old, book lover and occassional blogger.

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