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the afterlife of holly chase // cynthia hand

Let’s talk Dickens.

Charles Dickens, while a brilliant writer, is boring as hell. So thank the Lord, for Cynthia Hand. Continue reading “the afterlife of holly chase // cynthia hand”

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Happy 2020!

I have said it before, and I’ll probably say it a million more times– I *will* be more present on my blog. I will. This year I hope to find who I am and what kind of content I want to make.

Blog posts are hard. If you have a blog, you know. If you don’t, you have no idea. Writing about books should be easy. They’re all I talk about anyway! But for some reason, it’s significantly more difficult than I thought it would be.

Thank you for bearing with me and dealing with my sporadic posts.

This year, I plan to review every book I read, or at least most of them. I also plan to start a Booktube focusing on volgs, so keep an eye out for that.

Happy 2020. It’s a new year. Let’s hope I don’t fuck it up.



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books i want to read before the end of 2019

Hey y’all!

So. December is somehow upon us (actually it’s over a week in), and I’m not ready. 2019 has actually been a great year for me, both reading wise and personally, but I’m still not ready for it to be over.

In the month of December, I hope to read 25 books….yikes. I wasn’t planning on it, but I happened to finish my 75th book on November 30th, so basically, it was meant to be (aside from finals taking over my life, of course). Fortunately, I am planning on participating in 2-3 read-a-thons which should help a bit

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end of the year book tag 2019

All I want to know is how on earth it’s possible that it is November. When did that happen? Has my year really been that much of a blur?

Apparently so because suddenly there are 4 weeks left in the semester, I’m already shopping for Christmas, and I’ve read 68 books. WILD.

Today, I’m going to be doing the End of the Year booktag, obviously. I’m sure y’all have seen this all over booktube and various bookblogs, so let’s just get into it!

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the witch is back! (witchathon tbr)

Welcome back! In case you forgot, hi. I’m ej. I sometimes post about what I read.

We’re going to really try to get back into blogging because honestly, I miss it.

WITH THAT SAID! Witchathon is in 2 days and runs from 10/24-10/31 and is hosted by crescent moon reads on Youtube. The full announcement video is here.

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