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cozy autumn book tag

Hey friends!

In slowly integrating myself back into blogging, I figured I’d do a tag that’s circulating the book community right now. Since Fall is my favorite season, I might as well! This tag was created by The Book Belle this year, so shout out to them.

Okay, let’s get started!

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it’s okay to not be okay (on depression and where i’ve been)

Hi friends,

It’s been a while….too long. I’ve really missed y’all.

***CW: Depression & Disordered Eating***

I’ve been on an unexpected hiatus for about 2 months, and I hope y’all can understand why. My depression has been at an all time low since the end of August. Recently, I found myself getting out of it, taking more time to do the things I love, not taking 4 hours to get out of bed, making (safe and socially distant) plans with friends to do the things I actually enjoy. I felt myself getting better. I still am, each day I notice the days feel longer in a good way, like suddenly I have so much time. But I am still just getting out of it, so forgive me if I am not as frequent as I was before. I’m trying.

So here’s what you missed on Glee:

I started out my depressive episode in the first week of Fall semester by nearly getting kicked out of my house because I was arguing with my conservative family, fortunately that did not happen, but I was getting ready to make a move out of there. Then the next morning, my grandpa had to be rushed to the ER. He is okay, but it really gave everyone a scare. Then while I was leaving the hospital, my boyfriend and I broke up after 3 years together. That was the first 24 hours.

The next week, my (ex) boyfriend and I began fighting a lot. FIghting with your best friend who you thought you would spend your life with is rough to say the least and heartbreaking to say the most. That was also the week that I started working for the first time since COVID.

And it just kept going downhill. Nothing was helping and nothing was working. I just couldn’t get back to anything. I was slipping back into my ED. Jeans that I bought for work in September no longer fit by October. I was bruising easily again, I was cold in 70 degrees again, my hair was thinning. I wasn’t okay.

I wasn’t doing anything I enjoyed. I wasn’t reading (for school or for pleasure), I wasn’t coloring or knitting or journaling or anything really. All I did was stress, nap, and online shop.

2 weeks ago, I felt better. My (ex) boyfriend and I talked things out, my job got easier, my professors have been kind and forgiving– allowing me extensions and make-up work, I picked up a book. I felt better.

Today, I feel better.

This is your sign that you will feel better. You will be okay. You will get through this. Life is weird and things take time. You can’t control other people, sometimes you can’t even control yourself. Sometimes all you want is to get up and do your work but just can’t. That is okay. You are okay, even if you don’t feel it now.

Sending love.

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the reading rush… a coversation

I want to start out by saying that I am not here to accept any apology or comment on any apology that is not mine to do so. What happened this year with the Reading Rush is not something that affects me the same as it does others. The purpose of this post is simply to spread awareness of what happened for those who are not active on Twitter or who are just unaware.

That said, the Reading Rush no longer has my support.

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