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Happy New Year?

How weird does that sound? 2022 is over already? It couldn’t possibly be; personally, I feel like time hasn’t been real since I graduated last spring. The wild thing, though, is that so much has happened since then.

Let’s recap:

In 2022, I….

  • Quit my toxic job
  • Got a new, even more toxic job
  • Lived off of my savings for a while and gave myself time to rest
  • Finished college
  • Graduated with my Bachelor’s in English Literature
  • Flew to Vegas the day after my graduation to watch my best friend get married
  • Stood by another friend for life at her wedding the following weekend
  • Dealt with family *drama* and home insecurity
  • Freaked out and got 2 jobs in a week
  • Quit one job kept a new restaurant job
  • Moved into a house with my boyfriend and best guy friend
  • Went back to my old toxic job as a second job
  • Had to learn to deal with residual trauma from home insecurity
  • Had a lot of breakdowns
  • and finished the year by catching COVID for a 2nd time….

This year was a rollercoaster.

In 2023, I have no idea what life will bring, but I do know I am trusting the process. That’s a hard thing for me to do. But, I know that in life, you take parts of everyone and everyday with you to grow. I plan on taking every part of the last year with me. The joy I had in my unemployment, the passion I rediscovered of writing, the comfort I found in reading, the strength I had and the refusal to fail, all of it. These are important parts of me and who I want to be moving forward.

That said, in 2023, I hope to…

  • Focus on myself and my joy
  • Read everyday, even if it’s just a little. I took the focus off of reading last year to lessen the stress but it only made me lose my passion
  • Make healthy choices that benefit myself
  • Write more. Doesn’t matter what it is, write grocery lists as paragraphs, just write more.
  • Find the right grad school and start.
  • Start a new line of work, doesn’t have to be perfect, but no more serving
  • Keep the happy vibes in my relationship ❤

This list isn’t perfect or comprehensive, but it is a start of what I need to focus on this year.

Happy New Year, friends, let’s hope we all survive it together.


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what do i want to be now that i’m grown up?

Life after college is weird.

When I was a kid, I had a very specific plan for my life. I was going to go to NYU, live in New York, live my life in my 20’s with my cat in a crappy apartment that I would, of course, be able to afford with my wonderful job at a publishing house. If you are also in your 20’s, I think you know where I’m going with this…. Obviously, nothing went according to plan.

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www wednesday #4

Happy Wednesday!

This WWW Wednesday is sponsored by my awful mental health!!! How exciting!!!! I’m just kidding, but in all seriousness, my mental health hasn’t been the greatest lately so there are a lot of comfort reads featured this week. Unfortunately, this does mean March hasn’t been the best month in terms of diversity and inclusion yet– I do recognize this and will aim to do better in the second half of the month.

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