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after by anna todd

Oh my. This book was something else. Continue reading “after by anna todd”

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things i’ve read recently

So I know I haven’t been posting lately. It’s been a rough few weeks.

I’m sorry.

BUT I have been reading, even if I haven’t been reviewing. The reason I haven’t been reviewing is simple: I have no idea how to review audiobooks, children’s books, or rereads (I also am planning on a massive review of a full series soon).

I apologize for not posting, but really if anyone has tips for reviewing any of the aforementioned categories, help ya girl out.

Anyways, here’s a list of my 2019 reads that haven’t been reviewed as well as my ratings:

-Sideways Stories from Wayside School // Louis Sachar (reread. children’s book.) 3 stars

-Radio Silence // Alice Oseman (audiobook) 4 stars

-The Last Olympian // Rick Riordan (reread. mg) 4 stars

-My Favorite Half-Night Stand // Christina Lauren (audiobook) 3.5 stars

-The Princess Diaries // Meg Cabot (full series review coming soon) 3 stars

-We Have Always Lived in the Castle // Shirley Jackson (plan to reread then review) 4 stars

-Princess in the Spotlight // Meg Cabot     4 stars

-Princess in Love // Meg Cabot        3 stars

-Five Feet Apart // Rachael Lippincott (audiobook) 3 stars

-Junie B Jones: Boo…and I mean it! // Barbara Park (reread. children’s book) 4 stars

-The Hunger Games // Suzanne Collins (reread…may review?) 3 stars

-Pirates Past Noon // Mary Pope Osborne (reread. children’s book) 5 stars


I know. It’s a lot.

I’m sorry.




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Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

This has been an obnoxiously long time coming.

I managed to avoid the Twilight renaissance, and I thank God every day for it. This is not to say that if you were or are a “Twihard,” that you are wrong. I am just thrilled I waited until the hype died down, and I am out of any young reader phase so I can be more objective in analyzing the book for what it is.

Okay. Here goes nothing. Continue reading “Twilight by Stephanie Meyer”