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the anti-virginity pact by katie wismer (review)

At long last, I finally read The Anti-Virginity Pact by Katie Wismer.

Katie’s YouTube channel, Katesbookdate, is one of my favorite channels on the website, so when she announced TAVP, I was STOKED. I actually got approved for an e-ARC on Netgalley, but I didn’t download it in time 😦 Then I preordered it from Barnes and Noble and didn’t receive it until over a week after publication (which was incredibly irritating).

I finalllllyyyyyy got to reading it today and finished it in one sitting.

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girls of paper and fire by natasha ngan (thoughts)

Girls of Paper and Fire was an interesting experience for me.

I rarely read fantasy which means that when I picked this one up, I knew it was going to be hard. Transitioning from someone who doesn’t read fantasy to somoene who does requires a lot of brain power that you wouldn’t realize unless you’ve experienced it. You can’t just read the words anymore. Now you have to rewire your brain to be in the world in front of you. Because each magic system is so different and complex, I generally read more of urban fantasy if anything.

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